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Stammering Solved is an initiative which has been set up to assist people who have a stammer and wish to achieve fluency in their speaking.

This initiative was created by a person who understands how difficult living with a speech impediment can be.  Stephen Hill, the creator of Stammering Solved developed a stammer at the age of 4 and for 18 years it impacted negatively on his life. Speech Therapists were unable to solve the stammer, he fully believed he could overcome his stammering. At the age of 22, he finally managed it and has been stammer free for over 20 years.

It is believed that 1 in 100 adults in the UK are likely to have a stammer. It was this statistic, together with Stephen’s stammering experience which led to the development of Stammering Solved. We are here to help you.

Stammering Solved could help you with your Stammer

What is Stammering Solved?

What is Stammering Solved?

Stammering Solved aims to help individuals to overcome their stammer using the techniques which helped me to solve my stammering. Stammering Solved has developed a range of products and services to help you. I have been helping with people who stammer for more than 20 years and I have seen some very positive results, I could help you too.

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Can Stammering Solved help me?

Can Stammering Solved help you?

If you have a stammer or a stutter which is negatively impacting on your daily life, Stammering Solved could help you. It’s estimated that stammering affects around 1 in 100 adults, with men being around 3 to 4 times more likely to stammer than women. So if you are struggling with speaking at job interviews, talking on the phone or in public, or simply have difficulty making friends Stammering Solved could be your answer.

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Can everyone achieve fluency?

Stammering varies in severity from person to person, and from situation to situation. Stammering usually appears between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. Many children who stammer will stop within 24 months, for others the problem will persist. It is important to realise that because of the complexity of speech development there are no guarantees that every person will achieve fluency using my tested techniques. But, does this mean you shouldn’t give it a go? I would say, what have you got to lose?

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Steve Hill Stammering Solved

Steve’s Stammering Journey

My name is Stephen Hill, I live in Torquay, Devon. My parents, brother, and sister all speak fluently; therefore, it was somewhat of a shock for everyone when I developed a stammer at the age of four.

The stammer certainly tried its best to ruin my childhood, and there were many dark moments and periods where I wished things were different. At the age of twenty-two, I decided that enough was enough. I was more than eager to find a solution that would enable me to speak freely, and rid myself from the fear of stammering.

I started to observe people who I thought were “excellent speakers” – people such as politicians, and other people who regularly appeared on the television. I studied them closely to try and work out the difference between how they were speaking, and how I was.

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It’s nice to hear from people who have worked with Steve to improve their stammering, thank you for sharing your results with us.

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Stammering Solved Testimonials

Dear Stephen

This is to thank you for the advice and help which I received during the five-day course on ‘How to Stop Stammering’.

Having lived with a stammer for many years, I had achieved some control over one-to-one conversation, but found my stammer surfacing in group situations and especially on the telephone.

You showed me that my speech was out of control, and that I needed to slow down and breathe more often. This advice, together with the speech rules and everything else I learned during the course, has been invaluable in helping me to have control over the way I speak.

This new way of speaking needs to be practised and if I have regressed in any way, it is because I have not applied the appropriate rules!

I found the course enjoyable and interesting, and, as you have been a stammerer yourself, you could empathise with certain situations. You are certainly dedicated to helping people with this unfortunate affliction, and I hope more of those people will take advantage of the course you offer.

I wish you success for the future.

Pam Watkins

Dear Steve,

I am writing to thank you for helping me to achieve fluency, the difference to my life since attending your speech course has been vast to say the least.

The fears of stammering and the demons that once plagued my mind which kept telling me that I would stammer in various situations have now thankfully disappeared, which is like having a weight lifted from my shoulders (a great feeling). The lifeline part of your course dealing with the physcology of speech made this possible.

The speech rules have enabled me to have a lot more confidence in all speaking situations and I am a lot more outgoing in my social and work life, I even gave a successful presentation recently at work, this is something I would have never dreamt of in the past and would have probably even phoned in sick!

I would be more than happy to recommend anybody of any age to attend the course, I was sceptical and nervous before the course but could never have dreamed the difference it would make to my life. Once again thanks Steve and good luck in the future.

Christina Batsa

Dear Steve,

Since attending your five-day course, I have become a lot more confident in speaking to people. I had a stammer for many years, however applying the speech rules I learnt on your course has helped me to achieve fluency.

I am now able to say words that I have always struggled with like words beginning with an r, b, or d.

My all-round confidence has grown substantially since I have overcome the stammer. For the first time I look forward to the future, both socially and at work. I’m even enjoying unbroken sleep, whereas before I would be constantly fretting over the following days tasks etc.

I thoroughly recommend your course to anyone that stammers to any degree. A person that stammers will teach themselves to stammer, you teach how not to. It is simply a matter of practicing the speech rules until they become a natural part of your speech.

I therefore conclude that despite how bad a person’s stammer there will always be a cure for it and the ingredients to it is found on your course.

M Whitfield

Dear Stephen,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the help you gave my son Gareth. The progress made was beyond our wildest dreams. I’ll be honest, I had my doubts when you said at the beginning of that first day that he would be almost fluent after two days. You were right. Now, almost three months on, he takes an active part in classroom debates and answers the phone in the shop where he works at weekends.

I am also writing this letter so you can use it as a reference for anyone considering using your services. For those people, I will recap my son’s history as a stammerer. Gareth is 15 years old and has been stammering since he was about three and a half years old. We tried conventional “Speech Therapists” and also Hypnotherapy, but with little or no success.

We saw your Web Page amongst others on the Internet. However, the two things that initially prompted us to contact you were that your courses are “One to One” and that you are an ex stammerer. The latter point being a major advantage you have over most speech therapists. Your ability to relate and empathise with Gareth’s experiences were so valuable. As a fluent speaker I personally found your stories, experiences and frustrations as a stammerer an eye opener.

Should you choose to use this letter as a reference, I can assure anyone who may read it, that I am genuinely the father of a stammerer, I am not an associate or acquaintance of Stephen; and I chose to write this letter of my own volition I would also like to say to any stammerers that are thinking of using your services, “You may have tried conventional speech therapy, you may also have been told that there is no cure. I can only tell you that Stephen’s methods worked for me”.

Thanks again Stephen, and an especially big thank you from Gareth.

John Hearn

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