Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer additional back up after the course has finished?2020-09-23T13:57:23+00:00

I know how hard it is to have a stammer and do everything I can to help people achieve fluency during and after the course. My clients are able to regularly communicate with me after the course via e-mail or telephone, free of charge, for as long as they want to.

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to: steve@stammeringsolved.co.uk

Am I able to come and meet you before booking a course?2020-09-23T13:55:54+00:00

Yes. I am happy to meet people prior to them booking onto a course.

If I wanted to book onto a course today what would be the average waiting time before I could attend?2020-09-23T13:54:50+00:00

It is usually around two to three months.

What makes what you offer different than the traditional speech and language therapy.2020-09-23T13:53:41+00:00

I have had a stammer and have overcome a stammer.

Who has the course and the self-help stammering products worked for so far?2020-09-23T13:51:51+00:00

It has worked for many people from many different countries of the world. People have travelled to the UK to attend the course from Saudi Arabia, The United States of America, Denmark, and India.

I have helped both men and women, the young and the not so young!

How long will it take for me to overcome my stammer?2020-09-23T13:50:29+00:00

Once I had discovered all of the techniques it took around three months of practice for them to become a natural part of my speech and, therefore, for me to achieve fluency. I worked extremely hard, practice-wise.

We are all different and therefore how long it takes to eradicate the stammer will vary from person to person, but on average it is three to four months.

How do I get the best results from the self-help package2020-09-23T13:49:01+00:00

The package consists of an e-book, an audiobook, and a video course. I recommend that people watch the video course at the outset, it is seventy minutes in duration.

I would then listen to the audiobook when going out for a walk, or when doing the housework, as you can listen while on the move. This helps to embed the techniques in your mind.

The e-book is there to act a quick reminder when you do not have the time to watch the video course or to listen to the audiobook.

If at any stage, you have any questions please contact me.

What is the success rate of the course and the stammering therapy complete package?2020-09-23T13:47:37+00:00

I would love to be able to report 100% success, however I believe it is more like 90%. To achieve fluency takes a lot of hard work and practice. If you are hoping for a magic pill, this is not the course for you.

How severe was Steve’s stammer?2020-09-23T13:45:24+00:00

The severity of my stammer depended on the situation. At times I could speak well but at other times found it hard to say anything. The more pressure or anxious I was under, the more I seemed to stammer. Of all of the speaking situations I found making phone calls and presentations the most difficult.

I have heard there is no cure for stammering what makes your course different?2020-09-23T13:43:55+00:00

I also read and was told the same thing but could not believe it as at times I spoke very well. From overcoming a stammer, I can now say that fluency can be achieved, and the course teaches the techniques that I used.

What method do you use?2020-09-23T13:44:28+00:00

I achieved fluency by concentrating on how fluent people spoke, therefore, my method is speaking, thinking, and breathing how fluent people do.

I do not use:

  • Costal breathing
  • Slowed speech
  • Prolonged speech
How much does the Stammering Course cost?2020-09-23T13:41:11+00:00

The three-day stammering course fee is £445.

The self-help stammering therapy package is £40.


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