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You can now overcome your stammer from the comfort of your own home, using the stammering therapy complete package. This package includes  three self-help products the e-book, the video course, and the audiobook. All of these products have been created to assist you on your individual journey to overcoming your stammer. These self-help products were created by Steve Hill, who developed his own techniques and “speech rules” on his journey to overcoming his own stammer.

Every person is unique and your journey is personal. Stammering Solved aims to assist you and support you and challenge you whilst you learn to master your speech.

What is included?

We understand that we are all individuals, that we all learn, behave and think differently. With this in mind the Stammering Solved Self-help package incorporates an e-book, a video course, and an audio book. When you purchase the self-help stammering package you will receive access to all three strategies.

It is important to understand before you purchase this package that all three elements cover the same techniques and information. The benefit in having all three options is that you can find out which works best for you. For example you might find that you are more successful by reading the information and then practising at your own leisure, or that you achieve better results when you listen to the audio book whilst your go for a walk or tidy the house or finally perhaps you’ll succeed by watching the video course, where you can watch the breathing and speech techniques in action. Whatever you decide, we hope it will help you become more fluent and help you overcome some of your fears regarding your speech.

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Stammering Solved would like to help you in your quest for speaking more fluently, take the first step and try our self help package, see if it works for you. Every person is unique and each person’s journey will be different, buy it now, give it a try and talk to Steve if you need support, we’re here to help.

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