The Stammering Course

If you are struggling to live with your stammer, or would like to help someone who is then perhaps we can help. We suggest you try our 3 day course, the course is offered on an individual basis and during the course you will learn and practise the tried and tested techniques that Stephen Hill developed when overcoming his own stammering issues. The price for the 3 day course is £445.

What to expect from the Stammering Course

The course is held by myself, Stephen Hill in my home in Torquay, Devon. Whilst we work hard during the course, I also try to make the stammering course fun and enjoyable for my clients and each and every person that takes part is made to feel welcome. Each stammering course is unique, because every person that has a stammer is different—this is why courses are run on a one-to-one basis.

I believe that it can take a lot of courage for some people to attend a course. For some it can be quite a daunting task to even think about attending, or asking for help. Please rest assured that, I have experienced the effects that stammering can have on your life first hand. I am here to support you.

To ease the nerves, on the first day I will usually do the majority of the talking. I will usually start by telling you a little bit about myself, about the type of stammer that I had, how it impacted on my life etc. I will describe the techniques I used in a section of the course called “how to stop stammering” this covers my “speech rules”. As the course progresses, the attendee becomes more involved, and we will begin practicing the techniques and learning how to remember and use them in real situations.

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    What key areas does the Stammering Course cover?

    My “Speech Rules” explained

    I have developed numerous speech rules covering all aspects of speech. So you understand what to expect, I have included a brief explanation of what some of my “speech rules” cover:

    1. Make hard sounds soft
      When I had a stammer I found it difficult to pronounce words beginning with certain letters such as b,d,g,k and v. I started substituting words to cope with this, for example If people asked where I was from instead of saying “Birmingham” I would say “West Midlands” which was easier for me to say. The letters i struggled with, plus others are known as the “hard-sounding” letters of the alphabet. I found the “soft-sounding” letters (vowels plus the letter h) much easier to say. Finally, I developed a technique which would enable me to “make hard sounds soft”, I will show you how I did this and help you to learn how you can do this too.
    2. Blocking and how to prevent it
      I hated “blocking” when I had a stammer, so I developed a strategy to prevent this. It works brilliantly for me, when applied to my speech, it makes it impossible for me to “block” whilst speaking.
    3. Preventing the effects of pressure whilst speaking
      Like me, and the majority of people that have a stammer, speech is at its most vulnerable when they are under pressure. I can help you to keep control under pressure using techniques that worked for me.

    Fear not, I will also cover how to become fluent using the speech rules and the importance of understanding the psychological aspects of speech.

    Should I be nervous about attending the Stammering Course?

    There is nothing in the course for the client to fear or worry about.

    I have recently received a letter from a lady who attended a course nearly a year ago. She had tried many forms of stammering therapy and was very sceptical before the course. In her letter, though, she thanked me and said that she could not believe the difference it had made to her life. Whereas before, life had been a struggle, her work and social life were now thriving. She ended the letter by stating that her husband was not very impressed with me. He was complaining that she now never “shuts up”!

    What happens after the Stammering Course?

    Once the course is finished, that is not the end of things, I encourage and welcome people to stay in contact with me. I provide an after stammering course support service where I continue to advise and help people who have attended, free of charge, for as long as they require. I am passionate about helping others overcome their stammering.

    To achieve fluency is a huge, huge achievement. It makes a massive difference to people’s lives. When people achieve fluency, they are obviously extremely happy, but it also makes me extremely happy—because we have been on that journey together. I encourage all participants to keep in touch, tell me all about your future successes!

    If you have any questions or if you want to book onto the course, please get in touch using the form below.

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